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Stylishly restrained

The art of understatement

14 Oct 2023

Stylishly restrained

In the world of watches, Understatement embodies the philosophy of “less is more”. Here the focus is on restraint, quality, and timeless elegance. Understatement watches are characterized by simple, minimalistic designs that deliberately avoid excessive decorations and sometimes even leave out the eye-catching brand logos. Instead, the focus is on the quality of the movement, the craftsmanship and the individual expressiveness.


This philosophy of understatement extends to various areas of life - from art and architecture to lifestyle and consumer habits. It emphasizes the essence of simplicity, clarity and of reduction to the essentials. Understatement does not mean sacrificing things, but rather consciously choosing selective high-quality and timeless elements. This is an approach that has become increasingly important in recent years. It reminds us that true elegance and sophistication are often found in simplicity.



Understatement - the timeless watch trend

In the world of watches, understatement corresponds to the art of avoiding excess. True understated classics are just as relevant today as they were 30 years ago and will remain in demand for decades to come. When analyzing what makes a timeless watch, it quickly becomes clear that minimalism is of crucial importance - without frills or extravagance. Understatement strives for subtle sophistication and hidden elegance.

We have selected the most attractive understatement watch models for you:



Created in the 1930s, the Reverso, made entirely in the Art Deco style, is one of the greatest icons in watchmaking history. With its rectangular case and clean lines, today's Reverso is reminiscent of the timeless elegance of this era. The dial has a minimalist design, with simple hands and elegant Arabic numerals. What really makes the Reverso a masterpiece of understatement, however, is the function of the reversible case. The idea of ​​protecting the dial side by turning it over is not only practical, but also a symbol of modesty. With the Reverso, Jaeger-LeCoultre embodies the idea that luxury does not always have to be flashy, but rather that it lies in the subtle combination of style, function and heritage.



This H. Moser & Cie. is a great example of understatement in the world of high-end luxury watches. The Swiss brand is known for its timeless, elegant and minimalist watches - and this model is no exception. The dial does not show any brand logo and only has simple indices and slim and discreet hands. The case is made of stainless steel and has clear, minimalistic lines. Everything about this watch exudes a certain understatement. Its focus is on the excellent watchmaking craftsmanship rather than on a flashy brand presence. This model with the fascinating deep-black dial is a watch for connoisseurs who appreciate subtle beauty and the highest quality. It exudes luxury without being intrusive.



This Longines 190th anniversary watch features a classic and elegant design that reflects the long history of the brand. It is an outstanding example of understatement in the world of luxury watches, exuding subtle luxury with its simple elegance. The silver dial with the narrow Arabic numerals gives the watch a modest appearance, while emphasizing the high-quality workmanship.


Text by Caroline Landolt, WatchCollector Product Specialist