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Hero Header – Roger DubuisHero Header – Roger Dubuis

Welcome to the world of Roger Dubuis

Distinctive. Disruptive. Daring. Roger Dubuis has been at the forefront of the contemporary watchmaking scene since 1995 and is obsessed with designing the future, fearless in its determination to challenge the rules of traditional watchmaking.

Why Roger Dubuis?

Roger Dubuis has been at the forefront of contemporary haute horlogerie since 1995. The brand’s bold creations, firmly anchored in the 21st century, embody comprehensive know-how expressed in the combination of finest watchmaking and powerful and daring designs. Boldness and extravagance are its hallmarks and determination its driving force.

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Roger Dubuis believes in living larger than life. Explore the extravagant timepieces that consistently push the limits of Swiss watchmaking. Dive into the world of contemporary luxury watch collections that perfectly combine the finest mechanisms and avant-garde aesthetics.

Uhrenkollektion – Roger Dubuis ExcaliburUhrenkollektion – Roger Dubuis Excalibur


Excalibur is the Roger Dubuis signature collection. The embodiment of the brand’s  obsession with creating the future; it’s this design that inspires all others. Uncompromising in its exceptional mechanics and iconic aesthetics, the Excalibur exceeds all expectations.


The Excalibur Spider collection: for those who live life in the fast lane. Brimming with racing design codes, these are timepieces that empower you to live the life you want. You just have to dare yourself to live it. Ready to feel the thrill?

Uhrenkollektion – Roger Dubuis Excalibur SpiderUhrenkollektion – Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider

Uhrenkollektion – Roger Dubuis VelvetUhrenkollektion – Roger Dubuis Velvet


The Velvet collection is where to find Roger Dubuis’ objets d'art. Feminine and contemporary aesthetics reign supreme in these meticulous timepieces. Every line. Every component. Every diamond. The devil is in the details. Because beauty is eternal.


The story of the Knights of the Round Table collection can't be told to just anyone. Adorned with rare artistic mastery, these are timepieces for a secret tribe. One in the know. Are you bold enough to discover the legend? Take a seat at the table.

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Uhrenkollektion – Roger Dubuis Hyper WatchesUhrenkollektion – Roger Dubuis Hyper Watches

More from Roger Dubuis

Discover all our Roger Dubuis watches.

Roger Dubuis x Motorsport

Sky blue, wind tame, adrenaline pumping: the open road is ready for your next adventure. When visionary engineers meet incredible watchmakers, iconic timepieces are born. 3, 2, 1: start your engines.


Roger Dubuis partners with innovators, those who share common values. Enter Lamborghini. An unparalleled synergy between two of life’s rulebreakers, together they are a daring and bold entity. Ambitious and determined. A charterer of the uncharted. Fueled by thrills and emotions, they create adrenaline-charged masterpieces for a fearless tribe. 

A collaboration born In 2017, Roger Dubuis x Lamborghini Squadra Corse was a natural meeting of minds. Powered by raging mechanics, together with Lamborghini Squadra Corse creativity is unleashed to produce audacious timepieces born to race. Sharing the same values, this high-octane partnership blends the best of Italian aesthetic flair and performance with the ultimate in Swiss precision and mechanical instruments.


Roger Dubuis is a proud sponsor of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo.


With a philosophy of pioneering innovation and excellence, and a belief that power is nothing without control, it's no wonder we work with Pirelli. Showing what happens when the finest minds from different industries come together to share their unrivalled know-how, breakthrough research and boundless creativity, Roger Dubuis x Pirelli is a place where iconic materials meet daring designs.


For further information, please visit the Roger Dubuis homepage.

Roger Dubuis Lamborghini Squadra CourseRoger Dubuis Lamborghini Squadra Course

Lamborghini Squadra Corse

Lamborghini Squadra Corse is the name of Lamborghini’s iconic motorsport's department. With a flair for charismatic lines and superlative technical engineering, all the Lamborghini supercars that compete in the most prestigious championships around the world are designed and produced in-house by Squadra Corse.


Having produced several patents, world premieres, and one-off timepieces, Roger Dubuis x Lamborghini Squadra Corse creations combine noble, high-technology materials with cutting-edge performance. Though distinguished by extreme quality and horological craftsmanship, all these designs are underpinned by standout aesthetics brimming with racing design codes that ensure instant recognition is matched by ultra-exclusivity and rarity.


Roger Dubuis

The most exciting way to experience Hyper Horlogerie.

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