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Welcome to the world of Blancpain

Blancpain has a proud history dating back to 1735, making it the oldest watch brand in the world. Over the centuries since its foundation, the company has resolutely continued its tradition of innovating and constantly pushing the boundaries of watchmaking.

Why Blancpain?

Blancpain’s commitment to innovation is reflected in the fact that it develops new timepieces with innovative calibres every year, with world firsts often amongst them. In just over a decade, this quest to innovate has resulted in 43 new, exclusive and versatile calibres or manufacture movements, including complications such as the traditional Chinese calendar, the tourbillon carrousel, the carrousel with minute repeater, and the flying tourbillon with jumping hour and retrograde minute.

Novelties 2023


At Blancpain, innovation is its tradition. This principle is what guides the development of new timepieces and enables cutting-edge technologies, which are compatible with the industry’s processes, to be integrated so as to constantly push the boundaries of watchmaking.

Uhrenkollektion – Blancpain Fifty FathomsUhrenkollektion – Blancpain Fifty Fathoms


The Fifty Fathoms collection embodies Blancpain’s passion for the underwater world that was originally articulated in 1953 with the creation of the first modern dive watch. All the models in the Fifty Fathoms collection bear the main signature features that defined the reputation of their legendary predecessor and established it as the archetypal dive watch. This same professionalism is manifest in the key specifications, defined by a wealth of experience in diving, its risks and requirements.


Combining a bold vintage style with Blancpain’s latest technological advances, the Air Command collection brings the Maison’s history and its link to 1950s military aviation to life. In keeping with their predecessor, renowned as the most sought-after military chronograph of its time, the Air Command models set themselves apart with their sophisticated design and offer two separate timekeeping functions: a flyback chronograph function and a countdown bezel.

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Uhrenkollektion – Blancpain Air CommandUhrenkollektion – Blancpain Air Command

Uhrenkollektion – Blancpain VilleretUhrenkollektion – Blancpain Villeret


Blancpain’s most classic collection owes its name to the village of Villeret, the company’s birthplace. Steeped in tradition, these models epitomise the brand’s roots and original aesthetic choices. The purity of their lines, the clarity of their dials and their fine double-stepped cases reflect the fundamental essence with timeless elegance. The Villeret collection incorporates recent research results on movement production into its models. Under-lug correctors, secured calendar and moon phase mechanisms, impressive power reserves – all of these enhance exceptional timepieces such as the Carrousel Phases de Lune and the Calendrier Chinois Traditionnel.


The refined and innovative Ladybird collection faithfully reflects the brand’s timeless values. The models are finished exclusively with mechanical movements that are assembled and decorated by hand, blending watchmaking complexity with elegance.


The Ladybird timepieces are by no means just downsized or adapted versions of men’s watches. They have been specifically designed to meet the needs and expectations of contemporary women. With this collection, watchmaking expertise and cutting-edge technology are put at the service of beauty.

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Uhrenkollektion – Blancpain LadybirdUhrenkollektion – Blancpain Ladybird

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Style, innovation, skill and expertise

Creating new timepieces starts with the design engineers, who give their imaginations free rein. Between 2006 and 2018, they launched more than 43 different calibres or movements featuring a whole host of watchmaking innovations. These included a one-minute flying carrousel, a traditional Chinese calendar, a perpetual calendar with moon phases and an eight-day power reserve, an equation of time, an automatic one-minute flying tourbillon with an extraordinary 12-days power reserve, and many more. Blancpain understands how important it is to be able to simply adjust functions and protect movements from improper handling, so it has fitted its calendar mechanisms with devices that ensure adjustment during the automatic display change and prevent adjustments to the time when the striking mechanism sounds on the minute repeaters.


The innovations are not limited to the movements, however. Thanks to the patented invention of the under-lug correctors – a mechanism exclusive to Blancpain – it is no longer necessary to place these correctors in the middle of the cases, ensuring a sleek and smooth surface. A special tool is also no longer required as adjustments can be made with a fingertip. Further innovations in the Fifty Fathoms collection are the dark sapphire bezels with exceptional scratch resistance.


Blancpain’s expertise also includes artisanal techniques used in watchmaking. This applies, for example, to decoration, which has been one of the great watchmaking traditions for several centuries. Ornamentation on the tiny surfaces of a watch is an important part of watchmaking heritage: intricate embellishments engraved on the dials, movement bridges, the oscillating weights or case backs, miniature portraits in enamel and special enamelling methods, such as the champlevé, are just some of the techniques practised by the artisans in the Le Brassus workshops. Like Blancpain’s engineers, these craftsmen are always encouraged to go above and beyond, especially by learning new specialised artistic skills previously unseen in watchmaking, such as the Japanese techniques of shakudō and binchōtan, and even traditional damascening.

Bild Blancpain Ozean InitiativeBild Blancpain Ozean Initiative

Blancpain Ocean Commitment

Exploring and protecting the world’s oceans is essential to Blancpain. Throughout the nearly 70-year legacy of the Fifty Fathoms dive watch, the brand has forged close ties with researchers, photographers, scientists and conservationists who work to preserve this precious resource. With this affinity has come a resolve to support key activities and initiatives that help protect the oceans, giving rise to the Blancpain Ocean Commitment (BOC). In recent years, the BOC has provided continuous support for oceanographic initiatives and established partnerships with leading organisations.


„Innovation is our tradition“ - Marc A. Hayek, President & CEO

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