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Hero Header – Franck MullerHero Header – Franck Muller

Welcome to the world of Franck Muller

Passion, precision and innovation are the three essential qualities that underscore the creative genius of Franck Muller. Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmakes founded the manufacture in Geneva with the aim of creating exclusive timepieces characterised by intricate movements and original designs.

Why Franck Muller?

Franck Muller’s watches are amongst the most exquisite and complicated in the world. Thanks to its strong in-house expertise in many areas of haute horlogerie, the young company quickly became one of the best Swiss watch brands.


Novelties 2023


Passion, precision and innovation are the three essential qualities that underscore the creative genius of Franck Muller. For over twenty years, its history of watches has been defined by countless masterpieces and collections that add a contemporary style and spirit to the legendary universe of watchmaking.

Uhrenkollektion – Franck Muller VanguardUhrenkollektion – Franck Muller Vanguard


With its captivating new shape, the Vanguard™ collection is heading in a sportier direction and commands a clean and innovative aesthetic. The striking applique numerals have been carefully hand-polished and hand-brushed. The dial and crown add the finishing touches to the sporty elegance and unique aesthetic of the watch. The strap is cleverly integrated into the case to maintain and extend the curved appearance of the timepiece, resulting in a stunning and sporty watch with a unique design.


The Round collection reaffirms Franck Muller’s watchmaking prowess in its purest traditional form. Clean and understated design is the main idea behind the Round collection. Its Haute Horlogerie movement and classic simplicity enhance the timepiece with all the attributes of a family heirloom. This line ranges from simple mechanical movements with manual or automatic winding to major complications such as perpetual calendars and tourbillons.

Uhrenkollektion – Franck Muller RoundUhrenkollektion – Franck Muller Round

Uhrenkollektion – Franck Muller Cintrée CurvexUhrenkollektion – Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex


The Cintrée Curvex™ is Franck Muller’s iconic shape. The Cintrée Curvex has the brand’s most distinctive silhouette thanks to its perfectly curved case and unique contours. The unique and stunning numeral design also makes the Cintrée Curvex instantly recognisable. With its elegant cases, breathtaking dials and highly complex movements, Franck Muller is very proud of all its timepieces. They are true examples of vibrant and sophisticated designs with a timeless elegance.

Long Island

The construction of the Long Island™ pays homage to the Art Deco movement in a reimagining of the Novecento style. The Long Island, driven by its rectangular shape and numbers, has become one of Franck Muller’s leading collections. With its straight and arched numerals, the Long Island has become an iconic model, and one that sits perfectly on the wrist.

Uhrenkollektion – Franck Muller Long IslandUhrenkollektion – Franck Muller Long Island

More from Franck Muller

Discover all our Franck Muller watches.


Franck Muller is proud to showcase its fine watchmaking skills, reflecting the craftsmanship required to create timepieces. Thanks to its exceptional in-house expertise, the brand is able to continually push the boundaries of watchmaking with innovative complications and state-of-the-art technology, while always respecting the masterful haute horlogerie tradition.


A complex movement by Franck Muller has between 200 and 1,483 components (for the most complex watch) and requires years of development work to complete.

For more than 15 years, Franck Muller’s patents have played an important role in the company’s international reputation and illustrate a unique and extraordinary career at the heart of fine watchmaking.


What makes Franck Muller watches distinctive are their aesthetics and the extraordinary finesse of their movements – even in places that the eye of the beholder cannot see. This special care and attention give Franck Muller watches a prominent position in the world of fine watchmaking.

Bild – Uhrenwartung bei Franck MullerBild – Uhrenwartung bei Franck Muller

Watch maintenance at Franck Muller

Once the watch has been dismantled, each individual component is closely examined to understand what is wrong. The entire movement is then disassembled and the components are repaired by hand or replaced if necessary, depending on their level of wear. In this case, the parts may have to be manufactured in the company’s own component factory in Geneva. The entire process is carried out in-house to ensure the highest standards of precision.


In-house craftsmen then decorate the components by hand – be it perlage, satinage or bevelling – before handing them over to the watchmaker to be replaced within the watch.


The balance – the heart of the movement – is also removed with the utmost care and is then cleaned, tested and adjusted to ensure accurate timekeeping.

Franck Muller

Daring and creativity combined with exceptional expertise in Haute Horlogerie.

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