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Welcome to the world of OMEGA

OMEGA is a watch brand that epitomises excellence, innovation and precision. The company has always been defined by its pioneering spirit, which is reflected in its exploration of the oceans and space. The OMEGA Speedmaster has been worn on every NASA manned mission since 1965, including all six moon landings and many of the largest space exploration missions in history.


OMEGA has always striven for perfection in watchmaking. This legacy continued with the launch of the revolutionary Co-Axial escapement in 1999 and the world’s first Master Chronometer certification in 2015. This certification is the highest standard in the Swiss watch industry today in terms of precision, magnetic resistance and chronometric performance.


James Bond is probably the most famous OMEGA wearer. The spy and his Seamaster have been inseparable since 1995. This is one of OMEGA’s most important partnerships in the world.



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In its continuous pursuit to push the boundaries of watchmaking, the OMEGA brand is committed to using and perfecting the finest materials in the industry, both to enhance the design of the watches and to increase the functionality and durability of each timepiece.

Uhrenkollektion – OMEGA SpeedmasterUhrenkollektion – OMEGA Speedmaster


The Speedmaster collection is both timeless and iconic, which is why it has captured the hearts of watch lovers for decades. First introduced in 1957, the Speedmaster quickly became known for its reliability, durability and precision. In 1969, the Speedmaster achieved worldwide fame when it was worn by the astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, cementing its status as the "Moonwatch". Today, the Speedmaster collection offers a range of models and variations, all featuring innovative technology, exceptional craftsmanship and OMEGA's distinctive design.


First introduced in 1948, the Seamaster was prized from the very beginning for its resistance to water and corrosion and quickly became a favourite of divers and water sports enthusiasts. In the decades that followed, the collection was continuously improved and expanded to meet a wide range of needs and preferences. Today, the Seamaster collection offers a wide range of models, including the classic Seamaster Diver 300M, the innovative Seamaster Planet Ocean and the elegant Seamaster Aqua Terra. The most famous lover of the OMEGA Seamaster is probably James Bond. The spy and his Seamaster have been inseparable since 1995.

Uhrenkollektion – OMEGA SeamasterUhrenkollektion – OMEGA Seamaster

Uhrenkollektion – OMEGA ConstellationUhrenkollektion – OMEGA Constellation


The OMEGA Constellation is renowned for its distinctive design. First introduced in 1952, the Constellation quickly became a symbol of luxury and elegance. Since its introduction, the Constellation has undergone many evolutions, while always remaining true to its iconic design language. Today, the Constellation collection is still one of OMEGA's most sought-after collections - a true classic.


Choose elegance with the OMEGA De Ville Trésor. This collection has a selection of elegant and precise timepieces for men and women. First used in 1949, the name of these luxury Swiss watches remain synonymous with the best of the classic OMEGA style. While the women’s models come with quartz movement, diamonds and Roman numerals on the dial, the men’s models simply feature a touch of vintage with mechanical movements, including the Master Chronometer calibre – the best in precision, performance and magnetic resistance.

Uhrenkollektion – OMEGA De VilleUhrenkollektion – OMEGA De Ville

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Planet OMEGA

Innovative watchmaking is the cornerstone of OMEGA’s heritage, but it is also inspired by sports timekeeping, space expeditions, advocacy on behalf of worthy organisations, and the supporting role for the world’s favourite spy.


OMEGA took over the role of Official Timekeeper at the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. For the 29th time in history, the athletes who have trained so hard for the world stage have relied on OMEGA to time their performances with utmost precision thanks to state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience.


Decades before venturing into space, OMEGA set out to explore the oceans. This marked the start of OMEGA’s key role in ocean exploration, which will undoubtedly continue in the future, as OMEGA has always had a boundless passion for the world’s oceans.

OMEGA VerpflichtungOMEGA Verpflichtung

OMEGA’s commitment to the oceans

The collaboration between OMEGA, the GoodPlanet Foundation and its founder Yann Arthus-Bertrand has resulted in the award-winning documentary ‘Planet Ocean’, which features outstanding aerial and underwater footage of the oceans and shows how we can all help keep them healthy.


The GoodPlanet Foundation and OMEGA have launched two projects dedicated to restoring and preserving the Indonesian coastline. These three-year projects, carried out in collaboration with local conservation activists, are designed to preserve the area’s breathtaking natural heritage and local economy.

From space to the deep sea, from the 007 set to the Olympics, OMEGA is world-class, precise and versatile.