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Welcome to the world of ZENITH

ZENITH is the epitome of passing down traditional skills and shaping the future. It is a Swiss manufacture that has always been driven by daring, authenticity and passion since its founding in 1865.


ZENITH’s mission is to inspire people to follow their dreams and make them come true against all odds. With its foundation in 1865, ZENITH became the first watch manufacture in the modern sense of the word. The brand’s watches have accompanied extraordinary people with big dreams on missions to achieve the impossible – from Louis Blériot’s historic flight over the English Channel to Felix Baumgartner’s record free-fall jump from the stratosphere.



Novelties 2023


‘At ZENITH, we believe in the power of the individual. Throughout our manufacture’s long history, we have been inspired by those who have reached for their star and never let anyone stand between them and their dreams.’


Julien Tornare, CEO of ZENITH

Uhrenkollektion – Zenith DefyUhrenkollektion – Zenith Defy


The Defy collection embodies ZENITH’s endless quest for precision with innovative developments. Combining state-of-the-art manufacture movements with futuristic shapes and materials, the Defy collection continues ZENITH’s tradition of going above and beyond and setting new standards in performance and style.


The Chronomaster collection is a testament to the manufacture’s extensive expertise in automatic high-frequency chronograph movements and the unique design language it has developed over more than 50 years. From faithful replicas of its most famous 60s and 70s models to the ultra-precise 1/10th of second function in an advanced version of the famous calibre, the Chronomaster collection bridges the past and present of the most award-winning automatic chronograph of all time.

Uhrenkollektion – Zenith ChronomasterUhrenkollektion – Zenith Chronomaster

Uhrenkollektion – Zenith PilotUhrenkollektion – Zenith Pilot


The ZENITH brand was born at the dawn of man’s earliest flights over a century ago. Its watchmaking heritage in the world of aviation is unrivalled to this day. ZENITH created the very first ‘pilot watch’ and even trademarked the term in 1904; it remains the only watch brand with the rights to bear the word ‘pilot’ on its dials. The modern ZENITH Pilot collection pays tribute to the extraordinary pioneering spirit of the time and is built for today’s adventurers.


With the Elite collection of automatic unisex watches, ZENITH is embarking on a journey into its own past. Sleek, minimalist and yet visually striking with bold lines and proportions, the Elite collection is not simply an echo of the past, but rejuvenates the aesthetic features of mid-twentieth-century watchmaking.

Uhrenkollektion – Zenith EliteUhrenkollektion – Zenith Elite

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Responsive and efficient

ZENITH strives to put customer service at the heart of the company’s strategy. The loyalty of its customers, its renowned expertise and its legendary brand status are all built on delivering a personal and, of course, unforgettable customer service experience. Thanks to a network of trusted partners and employees who are constantly building and developing their knowledge, ZENITH is able to offer a responsive and efficient service, from general customer care to personalised services. The global approach taken and uniformity of services across the network ensure a sustainable, consistent and high-quality service for ZENITH customers.


Whether a simple or a complex intervention is required, there is clear and transparent dialogue with the customer first before any work is undertaken. This is the only way to ensure the customer knows which measures are needed, how much they cost and how long they will take. The customer has the chance to confirm each individual intervention before they are performed.


By bringing together all the watchmaking professions at the manufacture in Le Locle, ZENITH can restore most of its components. For example, watches made over a century ago are being given new life thanks to a heritage of craftsmanship that spans generations. If the restoration of a timepiece requires new components to be made, they are manufactured on site as a single piece.


Zenith «Reach Your Star»Zenith «Reach Your Star»

Reach Your Star

In 2012, adventurer Felix Baumgartner attempted the impossible with the Red Bull Stratos mission. With his ZENITH on his wrist, Felix launched himself from a space capsule, which had been transported into the stratosphere by a helium balloon. During the free fall, Felix reached a record speed of 1,342 km/h.


The ZENITH El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th, which accompanied him on his journey, still worked perfectly when he touched down, even though it was exposed to massive differences in pressure, temperature, altitude and acceleration. Equally impressive was the fact that the watch was a standard version.

Die Marke Zenith

Inspire people to reach for the stars and follow their dreams until they come true. 

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