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Payment methods

The following payment methods are accepted: Bank transfer, credit card (Visa, Mastercard), PayPal, Bitcoin/Ethereum, TWINT (provided the requirements are met according to clause 7.2 of our Terms and Conditions).


For the payment in advance by bank transfer, the receipt of the payment will be confirmed by e-mail within two (2) working days.

Payment by Bitcoin (BTC)

To pay by Bitcoin, the costumer must have a wallet. A wallet is a virtual purse. Wallets are available for computers (local desktop wallets) and for smartphones (app-based mobile wallets), as well as online and as hardware wallets (usually via a USB flash drive) or paper wallets (on paper).


When paying in Bitcoin in the online shop, the transaction is initiated in Swiss francs (CHF) and then a QR code is displayed upon check-out. The Customer must have a wallet application installed on their phone so that they can scan the QR code and pay with Bitcoin.The payment is deemed successful as soon as the transaction has been confirmed by «WatchCollector by Lohri» by means of a transaction ID.


A transaction limit of CHF 100'000.00 applies.

0% interest rate financing via Cembra

For an amount between CHF 5’000.00 and CHF 150’000.00, the Company offers the possibility for certain products in its online shop to be acquired by financing via the ‘cashgate CREDIT DRIVE’ product of the Cembra Money Bank AG (CHE-115.295.655), located in Zürich (“Cembra”). This possibility is only available under certain conditions and exclusively for customers with residence in Switzerland.


To pay for the desired product, the customer can indicate his interest in financing it through Cembra in the online shop. To do so, the customer must provide «WatchCollector by Lohri» with their e-mail address and accept the company's electronic communication regulations.


«WatchCollector by Lohri» will then contact the customer by telephone to verify the e-mail address provided and will subsequently enter the customer's application details or have the customer complete an application form. The application form, once signed by the customer, including any required and in the application form specified documents (for instance, a legally attested passport copy and salary statements) are sent to Cembra. The customer guarantees «WatchCollector by Lohri» that he will provide all requested information completely and correctly and that he will present his financial situation correctly. The customer shall be fully liable in the event of false, questionable, or incomplete information or documents.


If Cembra decides to grant the customer financing on the basis of the information provided, Cembra shall send the customer a corresponding credit agreement, which the customer shall sign and return to Cembra. After expiry of the statutory revocation period (if applicable), Cembra shall transfer the credit amount agreed with the customer in accordance with the cashgate CREDIT DRIVE agreement directly to «WatchCollector by Lohri».


Only in the event of successful financing and when the credit amount has been received by «WatchCollector by Lohri» shall the purchase contract between «WatchCollector by Lohri» and the customer be legally valid.


The credit agreement is concluded exclusively between the customer and Cembra and contains the corresponding rights and obligations of the parties. «WatchCollector by Lohri» acts merely as an intermediary and does not guarantee that a credit agreement will be concluded between the customer and Cembra, which is why there is no entitlement to financing. The decision whether to grant financing for the desired product is at the sole discretion of Cembra. «WatchCollector by Lohri» cannot provide any information on rejected credit applications.


«WatchCollector by Lohri» will process personal data for the credit application on behalf of Cembra and assures to use this data exclusively for this purpose in accordance with the applicable laws for data protection. Cembra shall remain the owner of the collected data in accordance with the respective data protection laws. The data transmitted by the customer to «WatchCollector by Lohri» in the context of the credit application will be irreversibly deleted by «WatchCollector by Lohri» immediately after thy have been transmitted to Cembra. Excluded from this are the name, address, and e-mail address of the customer. Any physical copies made shall be destroyed. With the sole exception of the respective application status, «WatchCollector by Lohri» shall not receive any information from Cembra regarding ongoing or rejected credit applications. In the event that, after the credit has been granted by Cembra, the customer exercises the right of revocation and return in accordance with Clause 11 of the Terms and Conditions of «WatchCollector by Lohri»  or the purchase agreement between the customer and «WatchCollector by Lohri» is deemed to have been revoked for other reasons (e.g. failure of the customer to collect the product from the shop within the set period), «WatchCollector by Lohri» shall inform Cembra thereof so that the credit amount already received can be repaid to Cembra.


The granting of credit is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness (Art. 3 UWG).


Also see our Terms and Conditions.


Should individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions be invalid or incomplete or should fulfilment become impossible, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The contracting parties undertake to replace the invalid provision by a permissible valid provision which, according to its content, comes as close as possible to the original intention and the economic purpose pursued with it. The same shall apply if there is a loophole.