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Taking care of your watch collection

To ensure you can continue to enjoy your watch for decades or even generations to come, «WatchCollector by Lohri» recommends:


  • Performing an annual check of its accuracy, water resistance and case wear and tear
  • A complete overhaul of the mechanical movement every four to six years

Fine mechanical watches and high-quality quartz watches contain hundreds of connected components. If the oil that ensures each part moves smoothly with others dries out, or if fine dust gets into the movement, it can stop a watch from working properly. Likewise, wear and tear or damage to the case and gaskets can adversely impact a timepiece.


A professional overhaul will clean and oil the watch. The movement is regulated and, if necessary, the case is cleaned and polished and the gaskets are replaced. The timepiece is then put back together again and undergoes a final check.


This ensures that you can continue to enjoy your watch.

«WatchCollector by Lohri» – Uhrenservice«WatchCollector by Lohri» – Uhrenservice

What does our watch service include?

  • Accuracy check and regulation
  • Water resistance check
  • Calendar settings and functions check
  • Authenticity check
  • Battery change
  • Strap/bracelet change (leather, fabric, rubber and metal)
  • Overhaul
  • Restoration
  • Extract from the archives
  • Strap/bracelet and case clean
  • Strap/bracelet and case polish
  • Partial repairs

Watch service at «WatchCollector by Lohri»

«WatchCollector by Lohri» offers its customers and collectors the service of its in-house workshop that works to the highest standards. Its horologists have a broad range of expertise and are happy to provide customers with comprehensive, one-on-one advice.


«WatchCollector by Lohri» has maintained close relationships with the finest watch brands in Switzerland for decades. As a result, it offers outstanding service and has in-depth knowledge of the Swiss watch market when it comes to repairing and restoring most brands of watch.


The skills and expertise gained are used every day to offer professional and expert servicing for almost all watch brands.

«WatchCollector by Lohri» – Uhrenservice«WatchCollector by Lohri» – Uhrenservice

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know how waterproof my watch is?

    Watch owners often wonder how much water their watch can actually withstand without being damaged. Information given on the watches in metres, feet or bar does not indicate how far down the watch can be submerged. Instead it is the test pressure used for the water resistance test in line with the DIN standard. A water resistance of 30 metres does not mean that you can dive up to 30 metres, for example. It is important to know that a ‘waterproof’ watch is never completely waterproof, but that it is more or less protected against moisture and water depending on the construction.

    In summary, the water resistance of a watch can be classified as follows:

    • 3 bar/30 metres – rain splash, washing;
    • 5 bar/50 metres – showering;
    • 10 bar/100 metres – bathing, swimming, snorkelling;
    • 20 bar/200 metres – diving, active water sports.

    Watches are designed to be worn during different daily routines and activities, and this can be a crucial factor in choosing your future watch. We are happy to take the time to give our customers detailed advice on this. We also recommend that you bring in your watch once a year for a water resistance check and, if necessary, have the seals replaced to restore its original watertightness.

  • Has my watch been magnetised?

    If your watch suddenly runs very irregularly or is running very fast or very slow, it may have been affected by magnetism. These days we are regularly exposed to magnetic fields that can affect the balance of a watch’s mechanical movements. You should avoid direct contact with strong magnetic fields to prevent magnetism affecting your watch. Common sources of magnetic fields include speakers, magnetic clasps on smartphone cases and bags, refrigerators, induction hobs and airport scanners.

    If magnetic fields have affected your watch, we can check it in our workshop and demagnetise it instantly. We offer this service free of charge.

  • How long will my watch’s battery last?

    Battery life differs depending on a watch’s size, model and functions. It usually lasts about 24 months.

    If a watch’s battery lasts for just under a year, this may indicate that it needs servicing. When the general condition of a movement has deteriorated, the movement needs more energy.

    We carry out every battery change with precision and professionalism. Using the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment, we can test the condition of your quartz movement in-house. This includes gathering reliable data on power consumption and the approximate service life of the battery, as well as testing the lower working voltage limit.

    We recommend that you only have the battery on your luxury watch replaced at official dealers or a place you trust.

  • What is the deviation for a mechanical watch?

    How much mechanical watches deviate from the exact time can vary greatly. Different quality standards and regulations apply depending on the manufacturer. In general, a watch should not deviate more than 20 seconds a day. On average, a regulated watch should not run slow.

    We have technical equipment in our workshop to check the accuracy of your watch.